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Letters of Recommendation:

“Hermina, words cannot describe the debt of gratitude I owe you for introducing me to the MRS 2000. Without you this book would never have been written. Enjoy this volume… there is a part of you on every page! With love and affection, Joel.”

Joel P. Carmichael, DC, DACBS, Denver
Author of “Magnetic Resonance Stimulation – Using the Filed to Maximize Your Health”

“Hermina, your help to educate the public regarding cellular health in general and the MRS technology in particular has been invaluable. The people that I have referred to you have been taken care of in such a thoughtful and personal way and, as we both know, that often makes all the difference.”

Dr. Bill Bergman, MD, Denver

Hermina is not only an incredible storehouse of information on PEMF and all related topics – I call her a “living encyclopedia”, but also a truly wonderful human being.  In this day and age when people seem to put money and its pursuit ahead of all else, Hermina makes the wellbeing of others and helping them as her top priority.  Everyone should be grateful to have someone like her on their team.  I certainly know I am!”

                                                                                   Jeffrey Mindich, Taipai, Taiwan

Greetings, Hermina, from Nigeria

“I am very impressed with your spirit of “assistanceship”. With you I am comfortable that my foray into this novel therapy will result in pushing my practice to the next level. I have already started to devour the attached interesting sets of documents and the more I read them the more I thank the stars for drawing me toward you. While looking forward to your next mails, thank you once again and please stay blessed. “

Dr. Mohammed M Ibrahim, Medical Director, Naturapeuticsclinics Inc., Kano, Nigeria

“Hermina, I would like to thank you so much for one of the most interesting and compelling presentations that I have heard in a long time. In a day and age when ‘power point’ is seen to be the ultimate way to speak to an audience, yours (without such a supportive device) was even more compelling through the use of words – an art that seems to be lost…but you managed to keep us all captivated and focused throughout the whole day! I applaud you, Hermina, – and this, from one passionate speaker to another.”

Robin L.Noble, Canada


“Hermina, without your input over these last few months, I would have been ‘up the river without a paddle” as the expression goes. It is so reassuring to have you there with all your experience and knowledge. You are a jewel. I always am amazed about the incredible value to all of us you support.”

                                                                                         Gill Wilson, UK,  PEMF Centre


“…This brings up a point that I wanted to share again. The retention rate for distributors would climb dramatically if new people had access to someone with the scope of experience and knowledge that Hermina has.”

Diane Bays, Oregon
Healthy Spaces


“Hermina, I can’t thank you enough for your help in getting me on track with my iMRS . I checked the internet if someone else had information on correct protocols. So, I found you! What a treasure you are! You have no idea how much your instructions are helping me! I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming! I almost gave up, but after finding you I am glad I didn’t. Thank you so much.”

Jim Clary, California

“…I know we need you to give a REAL seminar here. I need to see what we can do about this. No one has your experience and knowledge. Thanks for your assistance.

                                                                                            Teresa Buurma, Canada

Good Morning! I really admire you Hermina. You are an exemplary example, setting the standard high for everyone. THANK YOU!

Deborah Wolf, Seattle, WA


Greetings Hermina, Sending you gratitude for your counsel re Aspergers & infectious diseases. Your expression of PEMF knowledge is so well stated. You truly have a mastery of this fascinating modality. When it comes to PEMF wisdom, “you are the wind beneath my wings”  In Gratitude,

                                                                                        Paul Bando, Pennsylvania 


Book: “Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy

“Many different systems and devices are available on the market today. In no case should price be the most important criteria in acquiring a device. Another important criterion is the availability of therapy assistance, a service which is offered only by companies that are aware of the responsibility which associates their product. You should be able to receive answers to your questions by telephone, email or by fax.”

Dr. med. Christian Thuile, Leitender Arzt
Meran, South Tyrol

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